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Our Expertise

Together with our strategic partners we cover a substantial range of consulting and analytical services in the liner shipping industry
Strategy & Organization

We provide assistance for strategic outlook both at the 1-3 year range as well as the 5-25 year range. The outlook is a combination of quantitative analysis and analysis of trend developments which will impact the strategy irrespective of how the numbers turn out.


Additionally we assist in analyzing the interplay between strategy and company culture. 


We assist in analyzing the the existing maturity level of digitaliztion and automation, as well as provide competitive benchmarking analysis.


We assist in developing digitalization strategies focused not only on what the end point should be, but also how ro realistically get there - including the ramifications from organizational changes as well as changes necessary from the customers

Network Design

We are licensed users of the leading network design tool LinerGrid, and can use this to assist shipping lines to improve the efficiency of their networks as well as assist ports and terminals in examining their competitiveness.

LinerGrid is the only comprehensive strategic modelling tool encompassing a global liner shipping network inclusive of a detailed flow modelling of both full end empty containers.

Process Management

Process Management is a prerequisite for any company intending to fulle embrace digitzation and automation.

We are experienced in mapping and designing best-in-class processes specifically for the liner shipping industry. Furthermore we are experienced in planning and executing implementation of these new processes.


We collaborate closely with Sea-Intelligence to provide the most comprehensive and in-depth data material upon which to base analysis in the liner shipping sector. 

We provide input and assessments to Sea-Intelligence every week in contributing to the SeaIntelligence Sunday Spotlight 


We are experienced in provide bespoke training services at all levels of experience, ranging from introduction programs to training services at dedicated maritime MBA programs.

Training cabn be provided both as on-site training as well as remote online training.

We collaborate with LinerGame providing the most realistic hands-on training, allowing a team to simulate managing a container shipping line.

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