About us

Vespucci Maritime is specialized within the container shipping industry.


Key expertise fields include market analysis, strategic outlook, shipping network design, process optimization, digitialization and training

We provide strategic advisory services, analysis as well as speaking engagements at conferences, board meetings, client events etc.


Our clients are shipping lines, cargo owners, freight forwarders, IT companies and portals in the industry as well as financial investors and institutions 

Liner Shipping 2025

The liner shipping industry undergo a dramatic transformation in the coming decade.

The new book - "Liner Shipping in 2025 - How to Survive and Thrive" outline the underlying trends driving this development, and explores the critical questions industry stakeholders need to ask if they want to be on the forefront of this change.

Reviews received from readers on Amazon:

"Thought provoking framework and key strategy recommendations"

"Incisive look into the future of shipping goods"

"Mandatory for the professionals and students in the shipping/logistics industry"

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